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Life on Mars: No one here gets out Alone!

We must stick together if we want to survive!

It’s torrid here. Oppressive. Life on Mars is changing!

It grows hotter and stranger by the minute.

There are happenings.

Each day is a revelation more shocking than those that came before. It’s as if Mars itself is sweating with anticipation. Crying salty tears of perspiration that cover the ground each morning when I wake.

A daily reminder of what lies ahead.

‘The Fear’ is among us and it is growing.

Tension pulsates with the collective breath, needing nothing more than a spark to ignite the ferocious firestorm they force upon us.

It is a virus, ‘The Fear.’

I can see it spreading. They say it is invisible, but I can see it. I can feel it! Feel its reach taking hold of hearts and minds. It’s written on faces, drawn on walls and translated through body language; eyes cast down, mouths closed, distance maintained.

‘The Fear’ is everywhere, spreading like weeds in a bewildered garden.

I am trying to supress it. Trying to stay away from the carriers, but I am beginning to realise that I too may be a carrier.

It may be too late.

The divide widens with the spread.

What were once rivers of separation turn rapidly into oceans; a collection of souls flanking either shore, there is no middle ground.

Factions form as we each pick sides for the final battle. Some have chosen to cover their faces for protection told by them it will stop escalation of ‘The Fear’; instead it exacerbates it, encourages it.

It’s been months since I’ve seen a smile from a stranger.

Their plan is working.

They spread their messages of hate with every means possible. Flashing images on screens invade our subconscious minds, sound bites playing on repeat scream in our heads. They use their corporate machines to spread ‘The Fear,’ twisting truths with their bureaucratic trickery and corporate conniving.

Everywhere you look they are cultivating it. Feeding it! The mighty titans of industry, the politicians, news platforms, radio stations, the ‘gram and the ‘book all feeding ‘The Fear.’

They want us to fight each other and it has already begun; there is fire in the streets and loathing on the wind.

They are liars and thieves; we know this.

We ALL know this, but still we buy into their illusions. Still we listen to their stories and make them our own. Helping them with their mission to spread the pathogen, to infect the masses, by repeating, reposting and retweeting their hyperbolic bullshit; instead of following what is in our heart, instead of listening to the war cry of our souls.

For those living in shiny glasshouses on the hill, ‘The Fear’ is good; an opiate for the masses, keeping us in our place with an ‘invisible’ veil of control.

I know this too, deep down in the dark recesses of my mind I know it, as do you, but it is getting harder to remember with each passing day.

We must stay vigilant!

By dividing us they are making us weak. They usurp our collective power with their messages of hate; shining a light on our differences.

They tell us resistance is futile.

They tell us we are fighting ‘the common enemy,’ yet they divide our strength by pitting us against each other.

Pushing us to rebel and revolt, but not against them — against each other.

Not everyone sees it, some are too far-gone. ‘The Fear’ runs deep in their blood and there is little hope for those lost souls.

Ha! Hope! That is quickly becoming an archaic concept. I read books on it once, before there was chaos in the cities, before the planet was burning, but there’s little time for that now.

All of my focus is on staying cool and keeping the dogs of fear at bay.

They howl day and night for my attention, becoming harder to ignore

with each passing hour.

It’s exhausting.

I try to tune out the noise, but even for me this is difficult and I am strong.

It is the others I worry about, those that are already addicted to the noise, already afflicted by ‘The Fear.’ For them it is already too late!

They gaslight us with the promise of a cure, they tell us we should be patient while the planet burns around us. They use this thread of hope as misdirection to control us.

They say that if we keep following the rules everything will be ok, we will stop the spread.

I can’t help but think it was 'the rules' that delivered us here, brought us to this desolate place of hatred and despair. There is Fear written in the rules you see.

It has always been this way.

If history teaches us anything it is that progress is made

not by following the rules, but by breaking them.

Change happens when we burn the ‘book.

Revolution is coming. I can feel it crawling down my spine like a spider, casting its web of lies and deceit across the planet.

The question is not if, but when.

The question is not will you fight, but which side of the ocean will you be on?

I try to stay optimistic. To believe there is still a chance we can make it, an inkling of a possibility that we will harness our collective power to rise up and stand together not against each other, but against them.

If only we focused our energies on nourishing the home fires.

If only we realised that with enough stones we could shatter the

glass facades that protects them.

I can’t do it alone.

No one can, but together we can take back control.

If we only overcome ‘The Fear.’

If we stand together we can shatter their mirror of deceit and end hatred of the heart, living out the rest of our days in peace and harmony.

Maybe that is nothing more than a pipe dream now?

An idea already well past its sell-by date.

That is what they want us to believe.

That is what they force-feed us with their silver spoons.

But it’s not too late. I can’t, I won’t accept that.

Life on Mars can be good again, better than before.

We can win this war if we stand together in unity against them.

We just need to hold hands!

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