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Do you know how to make your dreams come true?

Or are you worried you might be missing something?

Everything YOU need know to realise your dreams is explained in the three keys below. All YOU need to do–use them consistently.

Often we complain about not getting what we want or other people having ‘all the luck’. Focusing on that is a waste of your precious time and energy. There will always be someone better off than you — just as there will always be someone worse off too. That’s life my friend!

Don’t waste your time comparing yourself with others; focus on YOU. That’s when the magic happens.

Are you rubbing the genie every day — using everything, and I mean everything within your power to make your dreams come true?

Do you know where to begin?

Yes? All of your dreams have already come true. Good for you — stop reading now!

No? You aren’t yet living your dream life. There’s still time— read on, I might be able to help.

No, I’m not some guru or dream weaver. I’m not the genie in the bottle — YOU are! It’s true. YOU hold the keys. All I did was write them down.

For clarity, the dreams I refer to in this article are dreams within your control. Something, YOU can affect, not something left to luck or chance. In some cases, luck comes into it of course, but it isn’t really luck when you are using the three keys, it’s YOU being in the right place at the right time, with the right attitude, the right thoughts and the right words.

C'mon, let’s make some magic together!

1. Speak your dream

What words are YOU speaking to make your dream a reality?

"I want to be successful. I want to be rich. I want to fall in love."

It doesn’t work like that. I want isn’t how you do it. To want something, to wish for it — means it isn’t already yours, that you don’t already have it. It makes your dream external to you––outside of yourself. It is then a desire rather than an actuality.

I need? Nope! I need is worse than I want. It takes your dream even further from reality. Need implies you can’t survive without it, that you are at the mercy of it, that your dream is in someone else’s hands. It’s not a courageous thought but one of desperation.

The only thing you need is food, water and shelter.

The only thing you want is something different from what or who you already are.

When you speak your dream you need to claim it, live it, be it, and that is where The power of I AM comes in.

I AM an acclaimed writer

I AM in a loving relationship

I AM a successful business owner

I AM healthy

I AM wealthy

Do you notice how different that sounds? Feels. Not, I want to be an acclaimed writer or I need to be in a loving relationship. There is no power in those words.


When you speak your dream this way, the dream is already yours. You stake your claim on it. You declare it as your own. You take ownership of your dream and take back control of your destiny.

Go on. Try it! I AM. I AM. I AM

Okay, now you are speaking your dream. You’ve asserted ownership over your life path. You are speaking your I AM. Great! That’s a huge first step. Well done!

But, what’s next?

2. Live your Dream

Take action. Take steps towards your dream every, single day.

In the simplest of terms––if you dream of winning the lottery, what chance do you have if you don’t buy a lottery ticket? Now, I’m not advising winning the lottery should be your dream — far from it. I believe dreams should be something within your personal sphere of control. Something YOU and YOU alone can make a reality. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help from others, of course you can, but you are not at the mercy of luck or someone else’s agenda. That said, you’ve got to be in it to win it — so play away.

The point I’m trying to make here is this; when you have a realistic dream, and no, that doesn’t necessarily mean a small dream — it means a dream you are in control of––when you have that type of dream, YOU can take small or BIG steps towards it every day.

For example, you’re single and want to find the perfect partner. Are you putting yourself out there, allowing yourself to meet people, whether IRL or virtually? Are you spending time with yourself, getting to know yourself better, looking at past relationships and examining what part you played in their failure?

Maybe you want to start your own business or get a promotion? What are you doing to make that happen? Are you learning the skills required, taking the courses or gaining the experience you need? Have you updated your resume? Are you putting together a business plan, researching how to pitch your idea to investors?

You get the gist — if YOU are speaking this dream of yours, taking ownership of it, embodying it, then you will do everything––and I mean everything––in your power to make it happen, YOU will take the necessary steps to make it a reality.

Are you beginning to understand The power of I CAN?

I CAN set up an LLC

I CAN do inner work to understand myself better

I CAN research how to pitch investors

I CAN join a dating agency

I CAN sign up for a new social group that interests me

And of course, I CAN play the lottery, but hopefully, now you see the pitfalls of putting your dreams in someone else’s hands! You wouldn’t let go of the reigns if you were riding a horse through treacherous terrain so why would you let go of the reigns of your life? The moment you let that happen YOU are no longer responsible. YOU no longer have ownership of your dreams, your life––or your safety for that matter.

Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. Back to step 1. Get it?

Remember—I AM. I CAN

3. Be(lieve) your Dream

Do you believe you can make your dreams a reality? Do you honestly believe in your heart of hearts that it is possible, that you can make it happen, achieve it? Yes? No? This is an important question.

If YOU don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?

When you believe in your dream, truly believe in it — YOU can see it, smell it, taste it, touch it, experience every single little thing about it, picture every minute detail. You live and breathe your dream every day.

YOU are speaking it, YOU are taking action––now YOU must feel it!

Maybe your dream is to get a promotion? Picture yourself in your boss’ office being awarded that prized promotion. Have the entire conversation in your head (or on paper). Visualise everything about it. Be specific. What are you wearing? Describe it in detail. How are you breathing? Where are you sitting? What are you saying? What is your boss saying? C’mon you’ve just been promoted to the position you’ve been dreaming about? How are you feeling inside? Feel that confidence, that pride, that joy — feel it as if it has already happened. Let your heart swell with gratitude.

I WILL get be promoted

I WILL meet the love of my life

I WILL lead a successful team

I WILL have a NYT best selling novel

I WILL find a job

Remember, YOU are in control of your dreams, no one else.

Now, you understand The power of I AM. I CAN. I WILL

Now you have the keys needed to turn your dreams into reality. YOU have unlocked the possibility within. All YOU need now is to wield this magic every–single–day.

Five or ten minutes is all it takes to harness your innate power, make magic happen and live the life of your dreams.

I AM — Speak it

I CAN — Live it

I WILL — Be(lieve) it

I won’t wish YOU luck, I will wish YOU success x YOU already have the keys, now all YOU need is to unlock YOUR personal magic x

It has always been YOU. YOU are the Genie!.

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