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5 Reasons 2: Journal Everyday

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Careful! This could be good for you.

1: It clears your mind

One word at a time.

It could be on your worst day - when you have the most to say, or on your best day when there is nothing but a smile on your face - getting all of that emotion out on paper really helps.

It can help you to celebrate the wins or mourn the losses, cheer you on or cheer you up. It makes you realise that you are your own 'top' supporter, and even on the days that you think you can’t find the strength, it can help you see that it is always there - inside of you.

Writing it down and clearing the day from your mind will help you find it.

2: You never know what you might find

Sometimes when our minds are allowed to run free we can make stunning discoveries about ourselves.

It can help us figure out what we want, or don't! Why we are feeling a certain way? What we are missing? Or loving. Even what it is that is making us so sad? Anxious? Tired? Nervous? Happy? And maybe more importantly, why?

Answers to all of these questions and all of these emotions can be discovered in these blank pages and the ink of the pen.

Letting yourself be vulnerable and open is no easy feat. It takes an immense amount of strength to reach down and grab hold of all of the feelings inside of you. And then to let it all out takes even more. But you can do it!

And believe me when I say that the more you get to know your feelings and leave them on the page, the more you will learn about yourself, the more you will be able to acknowledge your emotions and the more self aware you will become.

3: You may look back and smile

Or laugh. Or cry!!

Looking back at the little diaries you had during childhood can make you laugh out loud. Entries about playdates, new toys, or going to gramma’s house are a reminder of simpler times.

Entries from high school and college will make you smile remembering all the good, and cry remembering the bad - like the heartbreaks, the failed tests and the broken friendships.

But they can also remind you how far you've come and you can give yourself kudos when you see how you have achieved exactly what you said you would.

All of these entries shaped who you are today, and are a reminder of how far you have come and how much further you have to go and grow.

And it's never too late to start!! Even if you don't have diaries from way back when, it doesn't matter.

Start today!!

Sometimes just reading back a week or a month ago can teach you something about yourself that you otherwise might have missed.

4: It helps you focus on what you want

Our days are filled with noise, distractions & things!

Work, errands, family, friends, grocery runs, and even cleaning can make us overlook and forget what it is we are actually looking for on this journey called life. What's important and what's not.

What we've learnt from the past, and what we want from the future can get lost in the chaos of life.

But when you capture these little moments in a journal it helps to keep your thoughts in check and your life on track, by reminding you who you are and what you believe.

It reminds you of those core values that are so easy to lose when life spins out of control.

5: Practice gratitude

Being grateful everyday for all that we have is a game changer.

Journalling encourages you to take a few moments each day to realise how good your life really is and to remember how lucky you truly are.

Even when the little things get you down. You are alive and breathing. You are capable of giving and receiving so much love, patience, support, and strength.

You are amazing!

So get writing and watch your life change.


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