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5 Reasons 2: Have a French Bulldog in your life!

Meet your new best friendsss!

1: Let's talk size

Size doesn’t matter, especially when you are talking Frenchies, they are the perfect size dog for any home! A Frenchie is a great city dog and will be perfectly happy living in an apartment or small home. He or she will most certainly be the talk of the town, you will be walking the streets with a 'small' celebrity so get ready for lots of pictures!

If you prefer the country life, your frenchie will happily watch you tend to yard work preferably whilst relaxing in a hammock, perched in the window or from the back of the couch.

Cutest Ever
Little & Large!

2: Character

French bulldogs will shower you with endless kisses, become a permanent part of your lap and take over your bed for endless cuddles. They will accompany you to every room of the house - me and my shadow, be there to lick your legs dry after a shower - who needs a towel and binge watch Netflix with you - especially if they pick the show! They will pick up any crumbs that may fall from your plate, lay in your pile of clean clothes as you fold them (because they are “helping”), and give you some good belly laughs when they get a quick bout of the 'zoomies'.

Comfy cuteness
I'm so comfy right here!

3: Exercise

Exercise…what exercise? Frenchies do not require much exercise at all; in fact they can exceed your expectations of couch potato! Their idea of exercise is to walk or even better be carried to your favorite spot for dinner and drinks, where they can get extra attention from complete strangers, socialize with other dogs, and maybe even order a little something off the menu.

They do enjoy a good game of fetch from time to time (but only when the weather is not too hot or too cold) but afterwards plan on a good series to binge watch while he/she recovers from the fifteen minutes of play!

Let me rest Ma, that walk was exhausting!

4: Kids

Kids…Oh yes frenchies love the little humans! They love to have somebody to play with and dress them up! Nap time is also a big one…..........no child will ever nap alone with a French bulldog in the house.

Snack time is probably the best time, nothing better than a snack amongst besties. Prepare to share.

Most of all love, your Frenchie will be the most loyal companion to the entire family.

When my besties away.....

5: Never look back

A the sayings go…....................

Once you go Frenchie, you don’t go back

Frenchies are like potato chips, you can’t have just one

All you need is love and a Frenchie

Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend never owned a Frenchie” and no truer words have been spoken!

Everybody should be lucky enough to have a French Bulldog come into their life and steal their heart!

When you own a Frenchie you don’t only get a dog, you get a best friend!

Article written by Kari S. Ryan (best French Bulldog breeder in the world)

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Written with love by Kari S Ryan

Kari breeds the most amazing French Bulldogs in NY. You can find out more about her and her beautiful puppies via her Facebook page: Kari S Ryan or on IG @7frenchies_andadog

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