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5 Reasons 2: Become a Contributor to the 5R2 Community!!

Give Love. Spread Love. Be Love.
We are in this together!

Welcome to a new kind of lifestyle blog. One where you, and people like you are the bloggers. At 5R2 our content focuses on style, music, wellness, travel, food & drink, inspiration and giving back! We also have a ‘trending’ category for unique articles of interest. 

Check out the ‘About Us’ section for more information on who we are and what we stand for. 

In addition to you and I contributing, there will be celebrity guest bloggers covering many of the sites categories with exciting content and perspectives, so stay tuned for more info!

Here are the how to’s;

1: Follow on Instagram @fivereasons2

For daily posts of inspiration and positivity. We will also be posting images and quotes related to that days featured article with the 5reasons2 headlines listed. If you fancy knowing more, you can click straight through to the site for the full length feature. 

Our Inspiration section features feel good articles and real life stories
The Feel Good Factor!

2: Subscribe at 5reasons2.com

If you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter. We will post articles 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) from a different category each time and as a subscriber these little nuggets will come straight to your in-box. So don’t forget to add us to your Address Book to ensure we don’t get spammed! You wouldn’t want to miss out!!

Our Travel section encourages you to 'Get Away'.
Book the Flight!

3: Become a contributor

Submit your article to The Editor on the 5reasons2.com website through the Contact tab. Include a title, the category and your 5reasons2 - with URL links and photos where applicable. All articles will be reviewed, hopefully approved, proof read and formatted for the site. We will contact you with any questions we might have and the posting date of your article so that you don't miss it!! We are also happy for you to promote your business on the blog if it's in line with the 5R2 concept.

Our Wellness section covers everything Mind, Body & Soul!
Look after Yourself!

4: Tell your friends

Tell your friends to subscribe at 5reasons2.com to check out your awesome article, along with all of the other great content, to share their comments and become a part of the 5R2 community themselves. They can send in articles too. Everyone is welcome! So share this post now.

Our Music section covers all genres, there's something for everyone.
Let the Music be your guiding light!

5: Earn Money

The bigger the 5R2 community becomes, the greater the probability of us bringing in revenue from advertisers and the more money YOU could make on your article.

That's right, you make money! For every article that is posted and brings in revenue - either through 'click throughs' or side bar advertising, we give you, the author a percentage back. So get writing!!!

Our Giving Back section will feature 5R2's philanthropy and insight into how you can make a difference too.
You can make a difference!

That's all you need to know. Now all you need to do is to write your article and send it over. We will do the rest!! You never know you might just get a check in the mail!!

If those aren’t 5 reasons 2: Spread the word and start writing I don’t know what are.

Follow us on Instgram @fivereasons2.com

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