letter from The Editor

Hi. Lovely to meet you! I’m Claire and this is the story of 5reasons2


What feels like a lifetime ago I lived in London. I’d had an interesting, sometimes difficult upbringing – we all have our story, right? But more of that later. My escape was to write. Writing was my therapy, my friend, my confidante, my lover, my hopes and my dreams. I wrote about all of it, all the time. I was young and fearless. A risk taker and a dream chaser, and I believed anything was possible.


I would carry my notebook everywhere – there were no mobile phones back then – well it was almost 3 decades ago!  But I would just write and write! I loved it. I would constantly jot stuff down, writing about anything and everything that touched me, inspired me, upset me or simply caught my eye. It was such a huge part of who I was, a deep passion, yet somewhere along the road I forgot how much it energized me.


I have had the gift of spending the last 25 years of my life working in Fashion – and I have loved every minute of it. Believe me, I know it's some peoples dream to do what I do, which I have not, and never will, take for granted. In recent months though, I began to feel like I was missing something, that there was something else, something more I was meant to be doing.  


About a year ago, I started on my own spiritual journey and quest to find my life’s purpose, and everywhere I looked, everything I read or listened to told me to write.  And so, write I did, everyday!  Journals, notes, quotes, poems even streams of consciousness. Slowly I began to realize how much I have missed writing and how passionate and alive it makes me feel to string together words and sentences that are powerful, inspirational, emotional and thought provoking.


At the same time that I started writing again, I also started to do a lot of research on various other topics I was interested in - too many to mention – but what I realized is that I love to research too. Reading as many magazines, papers & articles as I can, or simply going down the ‘google’ rabbit hole of endless information and trying to piece it all together to form my thoughts and opinions.


Which got me to thinking……… 


How can I combine all of the things I love most, writing, research, travel, music, food & fashion - and share them with the world? And how can I do this in a way that gives back too? In a way that brings people together and creates a feeling of community and comradery in this often secular and lonely world.


Then came the AHA moment. And 5reasons2 was born, and I realized once again that anything is possible. That dreams still do come true, and that this is what I am supposed to be doing. So I am rolling the dice and taking a chance on my dream.


I truly hope that you find something here that touches you, encourages you to try something new, do something different or to simply see things from an alternate perspective. I hope that it makes you want to roll the dice and take a chance too. 


I can’t wait for you to become a member of the 5R2 community - either through writing an article or ten, simply following your favorite contributors or sharing your thoughts and feedback on the site.


Thank you.


Together we can make a difference