About Us

the reason

To share our excitement, our experiences, our knowledge and our inspiration with friends across the globe, lightening and brightening the lives of people everywhere and just generally making the world a happier place. 


the purpose

To create a 'Community of Contributors' that share their passion on everything and anything that you might find interesting, helpful, inspiring, funny - or hopefully all four! We want to make the world an easier place to navigate, making life simpler, happier, crazier, funnier, better!


the journey

From spirituality to style, food to fashion, travel to taste, entertainment to experiences, life hacks to self love, work life to home life and everything in between. 


We do the research. We share the information to help you make the right choices and to help you understand the difference it could make in your life and/or the lives of those around you. 


There is so much advice out there. So many decisions to make, reviews to read, opinions to compare, perspectives etc. It’s overwhelming, frustrating and time consuming trying to find the answers to most of life's questions.


What’s good, what’s bad? What’s in, what’s out? What’s hot, what’s not? Should I, could I? Will I,

Won't I?  It’s confusing and damn near impossible to keep up. 


Our mission here at 5reasons2 is to create one space, one platform where you can find answers to your questions on a multitude of topics, hear about real life experiences, get some advice, or simply to keep yourself informed. And all of this comes from people just like you. Saving you both time and energy for other much more important things like enjoying and living life!